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Welcome to GeoSolutions, Inc.    


GeoSolutions, Inc. was founded in November 1999 and specializes in planning, design and drawing generation, and construction inspection of Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) structure, soil/rock anchored structures and soldier pile earth retention structures. These structures may take the following forms: Vegetated geosynthetic reinforced earth slopes; soil/bio-engineered walls and slopes for streambank stabilization and/or restoration; geosynthetic reinforced walls with variable facing elements, near vertical soil/rock anchored structures with variable facing elements.


Engineering design scope: Geotechnical review and analysis. Internal, external, facial and global stability analysis of structures. Construction inspection services.


Available Engineering/Construction drawings (AutoCAD 2009): Plan and profile views, cross-sections, construction notes, wall/slope component details.


Offices in Austin, TX - Corpus Christi, TX, Dallas/Fort Worh, and San Antonio, TX        


GeoMinistries: Latest news.


Significant Projects:


Streambank Stabilization: Shoal Creek Bank Stabilization at The Pole Yard-Austin, Tx; Creek Bend Streambank Stabilization-Austin, Tx, Phase I & II; Northwest Park Emergency Project-Streambank Stabilization-Austin, Tx; Ft. Branch Channel Improvements-Austin, Tx; Loyola Lane Emergency Project-Austin, Tx; William Cannon Street and Channel Improvements-Austin, Tx


MSE Slopes & Retaining Walls: Quinlan Park Rd. Improvements, Phase I & II-Austin, Tx; Steiner Ranch Blvd. -Austin, Tx; The Terrace Section V, VI & VII-Austin, Tx; Seven Oaks Street & Drainage-Austin, Tx; Old Manor Road Brdige Replacement-Austin, Tx; Bauerle Ranch-Austin, Tx; Wal-Mart SuperCenter-Seguin Rd.-San Antonio, Tx; Wal-Mart SuperCenter-Austin Hwy-San Antonio, Tx; Wal-Mart SuperCenter-Vance-Jackson-San Antonio, Tx; Target Store - Bee Caves, Tx; Lowes Store-Kerville, Tx; Home Depot-Bee Caves, Tx; Home Depot-Slaughter Lane-Austin, Tx; DPS Shooting Range Berms-Florence, Tx; Heart Hospital-San Antonio, Tx; Children's Cancer Center-San Antonio, Tx; SW Texas State Univ. Physics Bldg. -San Marcos, Tx


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