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  R4W drills 2 wells with GeoSolutions

   We at GeoSolutions have a desire to make a difference in the world by serving people in need.


   Our adopted Christmas Family this year was Veronica of Austin and her 3.5 children, Geneva (11 yrs), Mercedes (8 yrs), Jacob (4 yrs) and the baby on the way. We supplied a lot of necessities, clothes and toys for the family. Carol and Joy provided the shopping expertise and did a phenomenal job of making our money go a long way. Jesse, Joaquin and I played Santa and delivered the gifts. It took us 3 trips back and forth to the truck to bring in all the gifts. By the time we made our second round, Veronica was in tears. I assure you they were happy tears.

It was a heart-warming experience for all of us. Thank you to everyone that participated and contributed to Veronica and her family. (picture attached)


   Beyond the family we adopt at Christmas, we are trying each year to do a significant work somewhere in the world that will provide a sustainable improvement to the quality of life of people in need.

This year we have chosen to provide clean water to two Villages in Eastern Province, Rwanda, (just east of the city of Kigali, Rwanda).

Shortage of clean water has created a significant strain on the lives of the people in these Villages. Children are forced to travel an hour each way to collect water in plastic containers from a polluted watering hole to provide water for their families.

   We are working through an organization called Rwandans4Water to drill two water wells so that the Villagers will have sustainable water for years to come.

   Jared Steedley, from our Austin office, was scheduled to be in Rwanda to do some mission work with an orphanage and agreed to help coordinate the efforts to drill the wells with the Rwandans4 Water organization. Jared and his friend Travis took a very active role in serving the Villagers by helping drill one of the wells while they were there. The second water well will follow after completion of the first well.

I have attached a series of e-mails between Jared and myself during his trip that will give you some insights into his activities.

   Jared has done an outstanding job representing us and doing God’s work in Rwanda.


Thank you all for being part of something bigger than all of us!


I pray that God will continue to bless our efforts in Africa or wherever he leads us next.      


   You can see photos of some of the drilling activities and Jared’s interaction with the Villagers and Rwandans4Water by searching for the Rwandans4Water facebook page and looking for the link to” R4W drills 2 wells with GeoSolutions, Inc.”.



Carey Witt, P.E.


GeoSolutions, Inc.

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