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Industries We Serve

Oil & Gas

Geo Solutions, Inc. has been providing innovative solutions in the major oil and gas plays in Texas and Oklahoma since 1999. Our experienced staff brings years of experience and knowledge to provide cost effective site access measures to Owners and Producers alike. Geo Solutions, Inc. provides solutions and materials for compressor stations, pipeline right of ways, equipment/storage yards, frac pond and secondary containment areas, bulk oil transfer and storage yards, and bulk oil rail facilities.

Whether it’s reducing aggregate with Tensar Geogrids in a large equipment yard in the Eagleford Shale region, providing erosion control measures for an urban natural gas well in the Barnett Shale, or providing pipeline protection with Rock Shield in the Permian Basin, Geo Solutions, Inc. provides our customers the resources and tools it takes, to provide environmentally sound and cost effective strategies in the ever evolving oil and gas business.

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Barnett Shale Region - David Bullock

Eagleford Shale Region - Dave Frazier

Gulf Coast Region - Corby Pease

Haynesville/Bossier Shale Region - Marcus Long

Permian Basin Region - David Bullock

Woodford/Anadarko Basin - David Bullock

Heavy Highway

Geo Solutions, Inc. has been providing cost effective DOT approved solutions for the heavy highway and road construction in Texas and Oklahoma since 1999. Our team of engineering sales staff brings years of experience and knowledge to provide cost effective preapproved TXDOT and ODOT solutions. These solutions include the use of Tensar geogrids for base reinforcement and subgrade stabilization, temporary earth walls, concrete MSE panel walls, erosion, SWPPP and revegetation. Our complete line of geogrids, erosion control blankets, gabions and geotextiles combined with our engineering support will make us the right partner for your company.

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Land Development

Commercial developers are faced with a myriad of challenges as they explore growth opportunities in the Texas and Oklahoma markets. Complying with municipal land development codes, implementing low impact development techniques, and being responsible stewards of our increasingly sensitive environment are just a few of the tests that developers face.

Geo Solutions Inc. has been assisting land developers with these challenges for over 15 years through professional engineering consultations and design services, onsite testing with value engineered solutions, and the provision of low impact development techniques and products.

Whether we are designing earth friendly mechanically stabilized earth walls, strengthening and economizing flexible pavements, providing rigid pervious paving solutions for fire lane access, or utilizing the latest technologies in subterranean storm water treatment and reuse we pride ourselves on saving developers what matter most...time and resources.

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Industrial Facilities

Geo Solutions , Inc. has serviced major construction projects in petrochemical refinery and processing plants on the Texas Gulf Coast since 1999. Our unique balanced perspective of environmental and economical solutions, have served the Texas Petrochemical market well. Geo Solutions, Inc. and our valued Engineering Services group have offered up cost saving environmentally friendly drainage and containment projects, bringing many of our nation’s largest Petrochemical processing plants into State and Federally regulated compliance.

Whether providing alternative solutions for large equipment yards, or designing cost saving rail spur facilities, Geo Solutions, Inc. is ready to take on your next challenge in the ever expanding Petrochemical market. Please give us a call.